"Adorning Heritage: The Grace of Rajasthani Jewelry and Traditional Dress "

Are you attending a royal Rajasthani wedding and want to look like a queen? We've got you covered! In this blog post, we will guide you on how to put together a stunning royal Rajasthani wedding look that will make heads turn. From the traditional Rajputi poshak to the exquisite Rajasthani jewelry, we will help you create a look that is fit for royalty.

Step 1: The Rajputi Poshak

The Rajputi poshak is a traditional Rajasthani attire that exudes elegance and grace. For a royal wedding, opt for a maroon red poshak with intricate golden embroidery. The rich color and detailed work will make you stand out in the crowd. Pair it with a matching dupatta and you're ready to make a grand entrance.

Step 2: The Traditional Rajasthani Jewelry

No Rajasthani wedding look is complete without the stunning Rajasthani jewelry. Start with a kundan borla rakhdi, a traditional Rajasthani maang tikka that sits on the forehead. It adds a regal touch to your look. Next, wear a gold-plated peacock nath, a nose ring with a beautiful peacock design. Complete the look with royal green beads and golden pearls.


Step 3: The Statement Choker and Earrings

To add a touch of grandeur, wear a heavy look gold-plated choker that complements your poshak. The choker should be adorned with intricate designs and gemstones. Pair it with matching long jhumka earrings. The jhumka should have a round golden ghungroo as a drop, adding a traditional touch to your look.

Step 4: The Mangal Sutra and Arm Bracelets

For a royal touch, wear a 22kt gold work long mangal sutra around your neck. The mangal sutra symbolizes the bond of marriage and adds a traditional element to your look. On both arms, wear bajubandh, also known as arm bracelets. These beautiful accessories will enhance your royal Rajasthani look.

Step 5: The Wedding Rajasthani Royal Chuda Set

No Rajasthani wedding look is complete without the wedding Rajasthani royal chuda set. These are the traditional red and white bangles that signify a newly married woman. The chuda set adds a traditional and auspicious touch to your overall look.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch - Finger Ring

Complete your royal Rajasthani wedding look with a small gold-plated finger ring. Choose a design that complements your other jewelry and adds a touch of elegance to your hands.

Now that you know how to put together a stunning royal Rajasthani wedding look, it's time to get ready to dazzle at the wedding. Remember, confidence is key, so wear your look with pride and grace. Enjoy the festivities and have a royal time!



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