Bindhani participate in exhibition and event for direct sale and feedback

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Bindhani participate in exhibition and event for direct sale and feedback


 In this chain of events where we want to keep a hold on the new as well as the vintage generation we decided to put a stall and sponsor some donation in large apartments like prestige group, brigade salapuria, sattva, high income residential colony to medium class income customer. We do put up stalls in exhibitions and direct contact in schools, colleges and even in IT companies.



Exhibitions provide an opportunity to meet our potential customers and have a direct and personal communication and build the missing trust which gives a chance to answer all there questions and their concerns also build trust also while the physical distribution helps them to see, touch and try out the product which helps them out in better understanding of the product and leading to potential sales.


We at Bindhani have always been a perfect admirer of presenting and showcasing our products at Exhibitions and stalls to seek more and more of the personal attention of the customers. We definitely understand that people have a sort of trust issues when we speak about online business so we try to bridge the gap between interfaces.


The only value we have always maintained was to give quality products. There were definitely challenges in our path we could sail just because of our customers. We have always made a point to note down the responses and feedback of customers and provide them with service they need. We do keep their preferences in mind and customise according to their needs, so that we can get an idea to develop a whole new product range.

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