Flower Jewellery for kids by bindhani

Flower Jewellery- Elegant Choice

"The Timeless Beauty of Flower Jewellery: Nature's Elegance in Every Piece"

Flower Jewellery for kids by bindhani

Looking into the current times , Flower Jewellery has got an important place. Be it haldi occasion or a dance program or any special festival celebration they have got an important place.


So here we are going to tell about  our youngest customer Amayara who was celebrating Janmashtami Function in her school  with customisable flower Jewellery from Bindhani.She was looking no less than a beautiful doll in her outfit and jewellery that she and her mother selected very beautiful pieces of the flower jewellery and we did customised it according our pretty doll.


Bindhani understands the importance of having handcrafted flower jewellery also with variations of using variety of flowers such as orchids,daisy, lily or 

petals of flowers we even make delicate necklaces with floral motifs,earrings varying from studs to dangles,flower rings and also stylish flower bracelets.Brides of the now prefer having flower jewellery for various wedding occasions like haldi or mehendi and also the would be mothers embrace themselves with the flower jewellery in their baby shower ceremony also the little kids are dolled up in beautiful flower jewellery in name ceremony,rice ceremony or other traditional occasions.



At Bindhani we do take care of our customers faith and their belief on us to make their moments memorable so we take our utmost sincerity to deliver them the best from collection. We do provide a wide area of choice available to select from also  delivery across India is available with online customisation and easy returns policy. Do give us a chance to serve you all best.


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