" Adorned in timeless elegance of Kerala "

" Adorned in timeless elegance of Kerala "

kerla women in bindhani purple oxidised thread jewelry necklace set

In the world of fashion and design, creativity knows no bounds. This was evident when a talented group of individuals reached out to us, seeking our expertise in crafting handmade jewellery for an upcoming competition. Their request not only showcased their dedication to their craft but also opened a door to a unique and inspiring collaboration.


We at BINDHANI decided to go for purple thread jewellery with oxidised patterns this typically involves using threads, often colourful or metallic, to create intricate designs. These threads are often paired with oxidised or antique-finished metal components to achieve a unique and rustic look.  This style of jewellery is popular for its ethnic aesthetics.


They were keen to incorporate elements from their region, taking inspiration from the vibrant and intricate patterns found in their cultural textiles and the vivid colours of their festivals.


This collaboration was more than just creating jewellery for a competition; it was a journey of self-discovery and cultural celebration.

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